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Fast, Painless Cavity Filling & Treatment!

Have You Noticed Tooth Staining? You May Need a Dental Filling!

Every time you eat, microscopic bits of food get stuck around your teeth. Most of these leftovers can be removed at home with regular brushing and flossing, but some hard to reach areas can only be cleaned at the dentists office. When our clients neglect their daily dental care, or their semi-annual dental cleaning, it doesn't take long for cavities to start appearing! As soon as our dentists catch cavities beginning to form, it's important that fillings be put in quickly to prevent decay.

What Is 'Cavity Filling,' And Why Might My Teeth Need It?

Remember those little bits of food we mentioned earlier? Well, bacteria love them. They feed on these particles of leftover food, emitting caustic acid as they go. This acid in turn eats away at tooth enamel, eventually causing permanent damage. This permanent damage forms a 'cavity,' which may become visible as a white or brown spot on your tooth.

Because there's no way to restore tooth enamel, the best way to handle cavities is by cleaning our the area of decay and arranging a filling. Our dentists fill cavities with porcelain, cementable resin, silver amalgam, and other similar substances. By cleaning out your tooth and sealing it away from bacteria, our Los Angeles dentist's effectively stop cavities in their tracks.

Our Los Angeles Dental Expert's Approach to Cavity Filling

For many of our patients, the worst part about going to the dentist is feeling nervous about confusing dental procedures. That's why we like to fully explain the cavity filling process to clients before we get started, so patients know exactly what to expect…and how simple and unintimidating it all really is! For the vast majority of cavity fillings, our dentists follow a variation of these simple steps:

  • Clear Decay and Problem Areas: After we make sure you're completely comfortable, our dental experts will begin the cavity filling process by clearing your tooth of decay. We'll also take the time to thoroughly check for gum disease and halitosis, as well as give your teeth a good cleaning.
  • Prepare and Apply Filling Material: Our dental experts will prepare your desired filling, and then carefully place it into your cavity. Our dentists will gently mold the filling to fit your tooth's unique contour and 'bite.'
  • Perform Maintenance: If you find that our filling has not settled quite right, we'll shave it down to a more comfortable contour. We'll continue to check in on your fillings during your semi-annual dental cleanings, and keep an eye out for any possible degeneration. But don't worry, fillings applied by our Los Angeles expert dentists last for years, and it'll be a long time before you need any real maintenance done!

Of course, it goes without saying that our Los Angeles dentists perform cavity fillings with the utmost care. Thanks to our long years of experience, we're experts at performing even deep cavity fillings quickly and gently. And because we know many of our clients experience anxiety about cavity filling, as well as other forms of dentistry, we do everything we can to make our LA office a relaxing place. Our dentists will talk to you throughout the cavity filling process, let you know exactly what we're doing every step of the way, and always prioritize your comfort.

Our practice employs many of Los Angeles, California's top dentists, and we provide gentle cavity filling services few can match. You can reach our Los Angeles dentist office at any time by calling (323) 798-9133, or e-mailing losangeles@expertdentist.com