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Los Angeles Dental Cleanings and Check-Ups!

I Brush My Teeth! Why Do I Need a Professional Dental Cleaning?

Maintaining day-to-day dental care is incredibly important, and we're always thrilled when patients keep up on their oral hygiene at home! But even our most dedicated patients need a little help keeping their teeth healthy. Because of the way the human mouth is shaped, it's virtually impossible to reach everywhere plaque accumulates without professional dental tools. That's where our Los Angeles dental expert's semi-annual and annual dental cleanings come in. Depending on your needs, our dental experts will provide you with either a standard or deep dental cleaning. Our dental cleanings are fast, thorough, and performed with your comfort and convenience in mind!

How Our Los Angeles Dentist's Standard Teeth Cleanings Work

If you've been keeping up on your at-home oral care, and if you don't have irregularly shaped teeth or gums, a standard cleaning is probably all you need. Our standard dental cleanings are some of the best in Los Angeles, and have a reputation for excellence we're extremely proud of. Here are just a few of the services included in our LA office's standard dental cleanings:

  • Initial Exam: Before we get started, our dentists will carefully check for tooth decay, gum disease, halitosis, and any damaged dental work (such as tooth fillings and veneers). Part of this process may involve probing your teeth and gums with a small dental explorer, but don't worry, it won't hurt! If we notice anything to be concerned about, our dentists will let you know and help you decide the best way to address the issue.
  • Plaque Removal: Once we've determined what kind of shape your teeth are in, our dental experts will begin removing plaque and tartar. Our expert dentists will work quickly and thoroughly, completely cleaning out all the small spaces you're unable to reach at home.
  • Final Inspection: After our dentists are done cleaning your teeth and removing plaque, we'll perform a final inspection to make sure no problems have been missed. If we discovered an area of concern during the cleaning process, we may suggest a quick x-ray, a deep cleaning, or changes to your oral care routine.

When you're done with your standard dental cleaning, your mouth will feel unbelievably fresh and clean! You also won't be in any pain…our dentists will see to that!

How Is a Deep Dental Cleaning Different, and Is It Right For Me??

Our Los Angeles dentists recommend all clients have deep cleanings every few years, or if its been a long time since they've had a dental service. Deep cleanings are also critical to patients who have teeth or gums that are obstructed, or have a history of presenting special challenges. Our deep cleanings include all of the same services as our standards dental cleanings, but performed at a much more thorough level. This ensures that even the most carefully hidden plaque build-ups are removed, effectively eliminating a major risk of tooth decay.

No matter what kind of dental cleaning you come to our Los Angeles office for, you can be sure you'll be treated kindly and professionally. We'll always be gentle with your teeth and make sure you leave with a beautiful, healthy smile!

You can reach our Los Angeles dentist office by calling (323) 798-9133, or e-mailing losangeles@expertdentist.com